“FACT, for years I worked with Tenants. Dealt with issues big and small all hours of the day and night. Each call, each service issue, made me wonder if there was a true ROI in owning investment properties. Then I met Zia & Rusty. Here is the deal. My ROI in terms of true dollars went up, my time commitment went down. I can focus on being an investor, not a babysitter!”
-Steve B – San Diego

“When you have one property being your own property manager is easy and fun. However, when you own two or more properties, you find out quickly, that there is so much more to it, than you ever thought. The best acquisition I ever made, was Zia Properties. I could focus on the business of business, they took care of everything else!”
-Sarah T – LaJolla

“For the last 20 years, I have been a property investor. I had no less than 10 “local” highly skilled property management companies. All 10 were fired! Zia was different. Rusty is local, local skilled. That is the key. Having a property management firm that actually understand the Escondido market. Otherwise, you spend just as much time managing the property management company. Zia Properties is exactly what I was looking for for 20 years! They get my highest recommendation.”
-The Heilweigs – Escondido

“There so many so-called property management companies out there, but when you dig deep it is someone that has run a couple fo AirBNB’s. That is NOT a property manager. Zia Properties & Rusty is 180 degrees different. They get it. Whether it is a single-family home, condo, townhome, or apartment complex he manages them all, at the highest level!”
-Conrad T – Vista